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  • We provide competitive price in NZ
  • We provide super fast internet speed in NZ
Econofibre satisfy customers with No Term Contract, No Termination Fee and No Throttling!

What Econofibre provide?

Unlimited ADSL / VDSL

Our ADSL plans are suitable for home users who want fast broadband and it is quick enough for downloading and streaming TV and videos. Our VDSL plans provide faster speeds and greater capacity than ADSL and it is a better option for gaming and live streaming.

Unlimited UFB

Our UFB plans are best where you can experience super fast speed through the fibre optic cables. UFB is currently not available everywhere just yet but it is being rolled out around the country so you can enter your address and check availability!


Econofibre would be best choice among all ISP companies in New Zealand as we provide competitive price, super fast speed and best service for our customers. Do not hesitate to contact us!

Econofibre will be your best choice!