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Modem/Router Setup Guide

You can purchase a modem when signing up for any of our plans!


Depending on what model you use, you might be able to plug and play. However in some cases, proper router configuration can make a big difference to network performance. Here are the settings we recommend:

  • ADSL2+
    VPI:0, VCI:100
    Encapsulation: PPPoA or RFC 2364
    Multiplexing: VCMUX
    PPP Username: [your username]
    PPP Password: [your password]
  • VDSL2
    VPI:0, VCI:110
    Mode: VDSL2
    PPP Protocol: PPPoE
    Encapsulation: 802.1Q PCP
    VLAN ID: 10
    QoS Marking: 0
    PPP Username: [your username]
    PPP Password: [your password]
  • UFB
    Plug & Play. Simply set WAN port to DHCP client.